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Natural Weed Control

Ready-to-Use Non-Selective Herbicide for Lawn & Garden

1 gal bottle

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Natural Weed Control (1 gal bottle) - Ready-to-Use Non-Selective Herbicide for Lawn & Garden
Natural Weed ControlReady-to-Use Non-Selective Herbicide for Lawn & Garden

Ready-to-use non-selective herbicide. Active ingredients are grain vinegar and citric acid as a surfactant.

Garden-Ville's Natural Weed Control is ready-to-use and non-selective for the control of weeds and undesired grasses. As there is no residual effect, this product may be used in areas where new seed or tranplants are planted.

Suggested Application Rates

Shake well before use. Use undiluted product with bottle or hand sprayer and apply directly to the leaf surface or undesirable plants. Most effective when applied on a sunny, warm day. Avoid overspray and drift damage to desirable plants by applying on a calm day. Repeat applications as necessary.


Active Ingredient(s):
8% Grain Based Vinegar (32% by volume)

Inert Ingredient(s):
Water, Molasses, Citric Acid

Product Warning:

KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is not for human consumption. This product is veryidic and can cause eye and skin irritation. Should this product come in contact with your skin or eye, was thoroughly with water. THIS IS A VOLATILE PRODUCT! ALWAYS WALK OR FACE DOWN WIND WHEN APPLYING THIS PRODUCT.