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Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments are designed to address specific soil deficiencies, plant health issues, or improve the effectiveness of fertilizers or top dressings. The list of possible applications and uses for soil amendments is extensive. Garden-Ville has created a brief list of frequently asked questions to address a few of the most common issues.

What is a Soil Amendment?

Micronutrient deficiencies can be combated with the application of a soil amendment. These products are designed to add specific nutrients that are generally not found in fertilizer products. Plant health issues, such as yellowing, are related to a lack of certain micronutrients, and the application of a soil amendment can correct these health problems.

What Does a Soil Amendment Do?

Soil amendments can serve several different functions. A soil amendment, such as Garden-Ville Greensand, can provide micronutrients, not generally found in fertilizers, that plants need to stay healthy. Other soil amendments, such as Garden-Ville Lava Sand, can be used to correct problems associated with clay soils. Garden-Ville Liquid Molasses, can be added to Garden-Ville dry fertilizer to provide soil microbes with an additional food source.

How Do I Know if I Need to Use a Soil Amendment?

It is best to have your soil tested before apply any product that will alter the nutrient value of your soil. Most soil tests will include recommendations for soil amendments that can improve the quality of your soil.

If I Fertilize Regularly, Do I Still Need a Soil Amendment?

In most cases, the nutrients found in soil amendments are not the same as those in typical fertilizers. Micronutrient deficiencies may not be addressed by the regular application of fertilizer, in those cases, it may be necessary to purchase a soil amendment product. Soil amendments can also function as a food source for soil microbes between fertilizer applications.

What Is Foliar Feeding?

It is a little-known fact that plants feed as efficiently through their leaves as they do through their roots. Foliar feeding is application of nutrients and food sources directly to plant leaves.

How Often Do I Need to Apply a Foliar Feeding?

A foliar feeding program is designed to work in conjunction with the regular application of dry fertilizers, not replace it. Foliar applications will be made more frequently than fertilizer applications. Application rates vary depending on the product, it is best to read and follow the manufacturer’s suggested rates.

My Plants are Yellowing, What Can I Do to Repair Them?

Yellowing plants are usually a symptom of soil iron deficiency. Garden-Ville’s Greensand is a non-burning iron source that can effectively correct this problem.