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Soils and Mulches

With so many soil blends and mulches on the market, it can be difficult for a consumer to determine which product is best suited for their project. Garden-Ville has created a list of frequently asked questions to help our customers decide which soil blend or mulch is right for them.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Soil Blend?

Healthy soil is vital to healthy plants. Soil blends are designed to contain the right amount of nutrients for specific applications.

How do I Select the Correct Soil Blend for My Project?

Most soil blends can be used for a variety of applications. Read the manufacturer's suggested usage and application information thoroughly. If you are still unsure about which product to use, ask a local gardening professional for recommendations.

Why is Mulch Important?

Besides its aesthetic benefits, mulch serves several valuable functions. A layer of mulch will retard weed growth, help conserve soil moisture, moderate soil temperatures, and organic mulches will add to your soils organic content as they decompose.

What Mulch Should I Choose?

Factors to keep in mind when selecting mulch are: purpose, use, cost and availability. Most mulch products will perform the same functions of retaining moisture, regulating temperature and preventing weeds; the primary factor when selecting your mulch is personal taste. The appearance of mulch can vary depending on the material, and you should select mulch that is most aesthetically pleasing to you. Garden-Ville offers two attractive quality mulches that will improve the look of any landscape.

How Much Mulch Do I Use?

Suggested application rates will vary depending on the mulch and your climate. A general rule of thumb is to apply mulch two to four inches deep, however, it is best to read the product packaging for recommended application rates.